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Lessons In Baselining

What can your business learn from Naval Aviation? More than you think. Aerial losses to enemy fire nearly topped 1,000 aircraft in a two year period during the 1960’s. The Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) was born to stem this tide. Air dominance was immediately restored, but baselining had yet to be defeated.

Baselining - the act of becoming comfortable with the status quo - is the enemy of every global enterprise. Naval Aviation took this to heart, realizing that the bar is always raised on excellence. What the Navy learned, and you can as well, is that creating and sustaining a culture of operational excellence yields untold dividends.

Jeff helps businesses master the skills engrained into every Navy fighter pilot. His distinctive calling card - Excellence is a Choice - sets his consulting practice apart. Jeff taught these skills to hundreds of fighter pilots during two decades of naval service, and led their incorporation into the Navy's F-14 aircrew training program.

The actual stick and rudder skills of Naval Aviators contribute only slightly to mission success in the high-risk world of air combat. Their unwavering commitment to the TOPGUN system - Plan | Brief | Execute | Debrief - ensures they learn faster, and adapt to change under significant stress better, than anyone in the world.

Always pushing your organization, and finding new ways to achieve breakthrough performance, are core attributes of every high performing company in the world today. Rather than wondering what you can learn from Naval Aviation, ask yourself - can I afford not to instill this culture in my everyday enterprise?

Excellence is a Choice



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