Aircraft for the Next 50 Years

Jeff helps other achieve excellence in flight. He serves an organization dedicated to fielding the next generation of low cost, high performance jet aircraft to nations dedicated to the Global War on Terror. Designated the MACHETE, the airframe is currently in the final stages of engineering development.

The MACHETE is a single engine military aircraft designed to replace thousands of airframes around the world that are being extended well past their intended service life. Modular in design, the aircraft will be produced in several variants with a very high degree of commonality in parts, components and systems to control cost.

The need for this aircraft could not be greater. The F-16 has been the most successful fighter aircraft program of the last 50 years. More than 4,000 have been built since production began, with 25 countries having flown the Fighting Falcon. Despite its success, the F-16 has been discontinued in favor of the newer F-35.

While spectacular, the F-35 is exorbitantly expensive, making it prohibitive for counter-insurgency missions in close proximity to the ground. The problem is further exacerbated by the need for air forces to conduct aerial combat training, whereby front line fighters are used as mock bandits on a daily basis.

The MACHETE is a logical solution to this problem. It costs a fraction of the F-16, and represents a cost effective alternative to cash strapped nations incapable of affording the F-35's steep price tag. The MACHETE can also be built to serve as an unmanned drone, supersonic trainer, or high altitude reconnaissance platform.

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