Service Before Self

The Children of Aviation emerged from a burning desire to give back. Whether they long to fly, to reach higher, or to overcome their circumstances, the Foundation’s mission is to help children attain their dreams. We are committed to bringing the joy of flight, with all its promise, to the lives of those determined to soar.

Jeff’s passion for aviation was born when he was a young boy.  Growing up in a middle class family in America’s heartland, he did not possess the means to learn to fly.  His dream of flight seemed like an unattainable goal, but his hard work paid off when he received an appointment to Annapolis – and his career took off.

Jeff is committed to giving back to the nation that has given him so much. Raised in Ohio – the birthplace of aviation - he never forgot his roots.  Reflecting on his career, the airmen with whom he served, and especially the families of those lost or injured while serving their country, The Children of Aviation Foundation was born.

Through the wondrous joy of flight, The Children of Aviation brings joy and hope to the lives of children who are inspired to reach for the sky. The aim is to deploy flying squadrons to cities throughout the United States, providing a cutting edge learning environment manned with aerobatic aircraft and pilots of the highest caliber.

The Children of Aviation is set to give wings to the dreams of economically disadvantaged children so that they may achieve flight and higher education.  No matter the manner or measure of your gift, we will always find ways to align every form of capital granted to us.  Donate today, and watch a child’s dream take flight.

Excellence is a Choice