Naval Career

Honor, Courage, Commitment

There can be no higher calling than service to your country. Every man and woman who dons the uniform of the United States of America has earned a special place in a long line of distinguished citizens who have given their all - and sometimes, their life - in the defense of freedom. We are forever indebted to every one of them.

Jeff distinguished himself as an officer in the United States Navy. He entered flight school immediately upon graduation from Annapolis, enrolling in the very first class available. Following two years of intense training, Jeff received his Wings of Gold, and was designated a Naval Aviator - an accomplishment he cherishes to this day.

His first assignment was as a flight instructor, where Jeff taught students to land high performance jets aboard aircraft carriers for the first time. It was during this assignment Jeff discovered his love of teaching, a calling he embraced as one of his strongest attributes. This new found affinity came to define him professionally.

Jeff went on to fly the F-14 Tomcat, graduating first in his class during training at Miramar - Fightertown, USA. He made three worldwide deployments, attended the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN), and served as a member of an elite group of pilots who taught at the United States Navy's only F-14 training squadron.

Throughout his naval career, then Lieutenant Commander Lay enjoyed the thrill of flight, and the utter joy of mentoring others. The skills he acquired have served him in good times, and in bad. Jeff has travelled the world, and has come to appreciate the deep satisfaction afforded to those select few who relentlessly chase perfection.

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